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Track Line Maintenance Vehicle

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Track Line Maintenance Vehicle

This is a diesel hydraulic locomotive mounted with a crane for overhead line construction or maintenance as part of line maintenance and inspection.

※ Technical Data

Track Maintenance Crane LocomotiveRail Maintenance & Hydraulic Shunting Motor car
Track Maintenance Crane Car
·Wheel ArrangementBo-Bo0-4-0
·Wheel Gauge1,067 mm1,435 mm1,433 mm
·Overall Length11,000 mm​7,700 mm8,000 mm
·Overall Width2,700 mm2,810 mm2,620 mm
·Overall Height3,600 mm3,800 mm3,640 mm
·Service WeightApprox. 37 tonsApprox. 20 tonsApprox. 23 tons
·Wheel DiameterΦ 860 mmΦ 860 mmΦ 860 mm
·Max. Speed / Towed Speed65 km/h80 km/h65 km/h
·Disel Engine430HP/2,000rpm430HP/2,200rpm2800HP/2,100rpm
·Power Shift TransmissonHydraulic or Hydrostatic typeHydraulic or Hydrostatic type
Hydraulic or Hydrostatic type
·Crane Device32Ton.m(Knuckle Boom Type)Hydraulic Knuckle Boom Type(8.2Ton.M)8.2Ton.m(Knuckle Boom Type) 
·Hauling Capacity300ton500ton65ton at 55/1,000 gradient